Welcome Jamaica Selby. The newest muse to the Moonshine family.
Jamaica Selby hails from Margaret River, Western Australia. She is vibrant and fearless, and brings a unique blend of skill, style, and grace to the ocean's stage.
Join us as we discuss Jamaica's journey, exploring the synergy between her dynamic surf spirit and Moonshine allure.
Tell us about growing up in Margaret River and how your surfing journey began?
I look back on my childhood and think “wow!” I was so lucky to be raised in Margs. I grew up only a walking distance from the beach and we spent everyday there with friends. My family used to call me “fish”, I would never get out of the water. The group of friends I grew up with by the beach, had a sense of appreciation for the ocean and we were very well grounded. We would get up early, ride our bikes to the surf, get back 10mins before the bus arrived, eat breakfast on the bus, finish school and then ride back down to the surf! We had the best life. The surfing part came from my dad. It first started when I was 4 or 5, dad pushed me into a bigger wave than he had thought. I got dumped and I was under the water for a bit, dad was panicking. I came back up and I had the biggest smile on my face and demanded to go back out and get another wave! And that pretty much explains my love for surfing to this day. 
What first drew you to the Moonshine brand?
To put it simply, they are beautiful boards. You know they are shaped with a lot of love for each individual. I was down south in Esperance for my second campaign with Rip Curl in 2021. Ryan had bought down a Moonshine log for the shoot. I got to use it, I was nervous because it was such a beautiful board that should be on the wall. Still to this day I had the funnest surf riding it. 
Can you share a memorable surf travel experience that left a lasting impression on you?
Our yearly trip to the north as a kid. This one day was extra special, I was 13, it was 8-10ft, my dad paddled out and he and other people told me not to go out. Note I have watched people come in from this place on a big swell with half a face missing. It was the most perfect day, with the longest lines rolling through, so I paddled out. I got annihilated on the way out. A friend called out my name, dad replied with “she’s on the beach it’s too big” and as he turns around he sees me and basically says “what the fuck are you doing out here”. I ended up having the best surf and experience out there. It was the most memorable surf trip for me because it was the moment that I gained no fear and proved people wrong.
What do you get up to when the surf isnt working? 
Usually I will find a beach to myself and hang there for the day with my dog or I will take the boat or ski out for a dive and fish! Whatever I do when there’s no surf it always involves being by the ocean. 
What Moonshine shape are you loving at the moment and why?
My 5’6 Brumby is my best friend. She’s a twin fin and she’s super fast. You can ride it in a variety of conditions and I can guarantee every time I pull that board out (not only does she get great compliments) I know I’m in for a super fun surf. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
Wake up 6/6:30am and make coffee! Drink coffee in bed and then either go for a surf or gym then I will take Luka (my dog) for a walk on the beach, come home and cook scrambled eggs.
Sunrise or sunset surf?
Oooo tough I love both equally but I’d have to say sunset surf.
What are your thoughts on the evolving landscape of women in surfing? How do you hope to inspire the next generation of female surfers?
It’s incredible to see the numbers of females out in the lineup now. When I was growing up there was only a small circle of female surfers in my hometown, you would paddle out and sometimes I would be the only girl out there. You paddle out now and often find yourself sitting next to more females than males! I hope to show the next generation that you can do anything if you really believe in yourself. To remind them to always find the fun in surfing, you don’t have to be the best surfer out there, you can be the one having the most fun! 
Exciting plans for 2024?
A few surf trips overseas definitely. For me the most exciting plan for 2024 is to say yes to everything. I’ve always lived this way but I want to do more. I’m super excited to gain new experiences, travel new places, surf new waves and meet new people.